Suzanne Simoni and Maryam Zaraimajin

As Blue Rock Collective, Simoni and Zaraimajin explore the notion of being in relation to the built environment, wildlife, land, sea and sky. Our process of creation involves an evolution of ideas based on a diversity of culture, skills and poetic sensibilities. Supported by a range of experts in fabrication and design, we manifest interests in the interconnectivity of humanity and the biological community. Our independent work builds through experience of public art and fabrication. Independently, Simoni+Zaraimajin bring experience from a range of fields. With themes of resilience and connectivity, Zaraimajin has built her practice in conjunction with extensive fabrication skills. Simoni has installed an interactive project at Nuit Blanche, and recently installed an outdoor public art sculpture, ThreeSidesOneGesture, at Parkway Mall in Scarborough, based on ideas of community, identity, and the connection of humanity with the natural and built environment. With the belief of art as a universal language, we navigate complexities of how sculpture speaks to the community and how the community informs art in relation to our habitat.

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